Sunday, March 15, 2009

just a litlte magic

In addition to being Pi Day, yesterday was of course also St. Patrick's Day. In honor of both, I braved my first Key Lime Pie (I am a much better cook than baker, so desserts always make me nervous. There is so much.... measuring, and I am too easily distracted).

I already had some Nellie and Joe's Key West Lime Juice from October when I made Key Lime Cupcakes for Brian's birthday, and since I don't have much occasion to use key lime juice in my normal every day cooking, I saw this as a perfect opportunity to use the rest of it.

After some searching online, I decided to use Emeril's Key Lime Pie recipe, but with a few adjustments (quite brave, as I usually refuse to alter a recipe the first time through, especially a dessert).

First, I was not even remotely interested in making my own graham cracker crust, especially when you can get them ready-made, so I bought one and saved myself the trouble. Second, the sour cream icing made me very uncomfortable, even though all the reviews raved about it. I made it as the recipe called for, then added another tablespoon of powdered sugar and the juice of half a lime.

Here is my pie ready to go in the oven - so pretty!

And here is the pie after setting in the fridge for 2 hours, iced and garnished:

Success! Brian has eaten nearly half of it by now. The topping is yummy, but adding the lime juice might not have been the best idea for pie-preservation, as it made it more runny and prone to separate in the fridge. Other than that, totally delish, super tart, and way easy. I'll tackle something more difficult next time.

Tonight I am making Baked Halibut in Foil Packets. Brian and I are day-dreaming almost constantly about how much more wonderful cooking together will be when we have our own kitchen that is organized properly for cooking. I am so annoyed with this stupid kitchen in the house I am living in...

Friday, March 13, 2009

the lines of my eart

Tomorrow is Pi Day! I intend to make a pie.

Or maybe several small pies...

I have a student who LOVES pie, but she was absent today so I was unable to
be giddy about Pi Day with her. Sadness abounds.

Image from VROG in Bristol

Sunday, March 01, 2009

one of us is leaving soon

Coaching soccer means I'm home even less than I was before, so obviously my nesting instinct has set in. I keep fantasizing about having my own place with Brian and being able to set up my kitchen however I want it. Two images that have had me drooling all weekend:

How much am I in love with an orange kitchen with a reading corner??

I don't even have words for how perfect this space is. It's just perfect. Perfect, perfect, perfect.

Time to cook dinner! Pork au Poivre and a green bean salad. Yum!