Saturday, September 23, 2006

i saw the end

I was stuck on my couch all day yesterday, watching season 1 of Veronica Mars. It was a nice break from my hectic schedule, but it concerns me that my body had to stage an all-out war on my immune system just to get me to sit down for a few minutes. Daniel thought I might have West Nile (I do have an over-abundance of mosquito bites) but I was leaning more towards the plague, thanks, of course, to the fabulous season premiere of Grey's - an entire episode of flashbacks redeemed solely by McVet's declaration that, "he's not good for you. And I am", which had me screaming "Exactly!" at the television like a crazy person. Cue Derek stepping in to screw things up once again and me shaking my fist in frustration.

I am far too involved in this show.

Assuming I don't snot all over my computer (I'm recovering, albeit slowly), today I must tackle the last of my EDU 275 assignments and make sure my portfolio pieces are in order. I can't believe this first round of classes is ending already. I get a grand total of three days off from teaching before jumping in at the junior high and tacking on another set of classes.

Is it June yet? Just checking.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

how to save a life

This is me, not doing my homework. Whatever.

While folding laundry, I came across my "I <3 my Ta-tas" shirt, which I bought several years ago. "Save the Ta-tas" was a brand-new company started by one of the founding mothers of ADX Nu and several girls from the sorority bought shirts and wore them proudly at retreats, although rarely in public :)

So I started wondering how Julia's little company had done in the last several years and did a quick search to find her online.

Holy crap! How exciting to see the amount of publicity she has now and how much awesome work she is doing raising awareness and money for breast cancer research!

(It's also pretty fun that I'm on the "Show Us Your Ta-tas" page along with Kate Beckinsale and Jessica Alba. Scroll down.)

along the watchtower

It turned fall this week. Then today it turned back into summer. It was foolish of me to think that the seasons would follow any sort of predictable pattern, considering the overall feel of my life lately. I need to take out the trash.

I have entered my final week of solitude. My roommate moves in next weekend and I'm... sad. I've enjoyed living by myself. I'm not obnoxious to live with - I don't play my music loud or have lots of people over or hog the TV or make messes. I tend to clean up other peoples' messes and remind my guests to be quiet and I never borrow things without asking. But... I would really just prefer to live alone and I find myself anxiously awaiting next fall, when I've been hired by a real school, am making a real salary, and can afford my own, lovely, one-bedroom apartment for no one but little me. At least for a little while.

The last six weeks have been overwhelming and difficult and hilarious and enlightening. I feel like I'm wasting my time in class some days and other days I walk away with such a profound sense of the enormous responsibility that they're placing in my hands that I can't even see straight. And, blessedly, we all get along. On Friday night, Brittany and her "partner-slash-fiancee" Matt had the whole cohort over for an international themed potluck at their precious little house in Sacramento and we sat in their backyard under twinkle lights until midnight drinking sangria and black cherry vodka tonics (I represented Russia) and eating Matt's incredible spring rolls and pad thai, commiserating and laughing and having, as Lisa put it, "our own real grad student party!". And it was great.

As far as the actual "school" part of school... My ELD class is a mess - no one knows what is going on, least of all myself. We've retained maybe five of our original students in the biggest class schedule shake-up of the century and haven't even ordered books. I don't know how, or what, I'm going to teach come January. Fransisco, who has been in the country the longest at nearly 5 years, can't even spell in his own language. As I reviewed his work this week, I noticed that quien was spelled with a K. The entire Spanish alphabet does'nt have a K in it. Lord, help me. My ninth grade advanced class is a little better... We at least have books and an established class roster. I get to teach Romeo & Juliet, etc etc...

In two weeks, I start my secondary placement at Norwood JHS in Sac. I'll be there all quarter with Jessica and Jenny and... well.... whatever. I'm excited, I guess. I'm just kind of rolling with the punches right now. Val and Pauline say that our schedules are about to get "really crazy", which is sort of frightening because what have our schedules been recently if not that?

I get the first third of my grant money tomorrow (almost $2,000!) and I'm trying to decide what to do with it. While the "I hate spending money" part of me wants to pay off the last of my credit card and then put the rest into savings and forget about it for a while, the "I like pretty, new things" part of me is itching for a new computer. Actually, I think my current computer is itching for me to get a new computer too. And, logically, it's a better idea to buy the new machine now with the grant money than to try to scrape up the money to do it once I get out of school. Ugh.

I. Hate. Money.

In far more exciting news, Grey's Anatomy season 3 premiers this Thursday! Daniel has been listening to The Fray nonstop for the past week and I'm ready to kill him. But Grey's! Grey's!!!

Oh! And my soccer team (The Chelsea Aquabats - don't ask) won our second game yesterday 6-3! They were so awesome and fun to watch and I looooove coaching!

(how's that for an update, friends?)

Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Wow, don't you wish I updated more?

Yeah, me too.

(DMB was awesome. Setlist here.)

Friday, September 08, 2006

the one ive been waiting for

I am super blessed to know so many fabulous older women at UCC who are genuinely interseted in what I'm doing and, more importantly, how I'm doing. Lonna Hampton, who has one son on my soccer team and two in my youth group, offered me some unsolicited, but still great advice last night and, if all goes as planned, my load may be lightening significantly in the next several weeks.

Class today, work tonight, soccer game tomorrow morning, Dave Matthews tomorrow evening! It was a balmy 57 degrees when I woke up this morning. Hello, Fall.

Monday, September 04, 2006

my joy

If this week (or, I don't know... tomorrow) doesn't kill me, I'll.... do something crazy. Daniel just called to wish me good luck and all I could do was wimper.

Weekend in LA with Steph and JP was fabulous. Just so.... fabulous. They are such.... good people. The elipses mean I don't have the energy (or the vocabulary) to adequately express how incredible my friends are.

And He set me on fire
I am burning alive
With His breath in my lungs

I am coming undone

Friday, September 01, 2006

total fluff

Today, I was awarded over $6,000 in grants... just for being a teacher. Exciting!

In other news, where has Jennifer Love Hewitt (of Kids! Incorporated fame - a show, I will admit, I watched religiously) been hiding her hips all these years?

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

Interesting note: Mario Lopez, Fergie, and Scott Wolf all had their "big breaks" on Kids! Incorporated.

And finally:

Season 3! Thursday, September 21 at 9pm!
Get excited, people!