Tuesday, January 30, 2007

this one qualifies

Alumni Night in San Francisco!

"Let it be understood
No man can supercede
Our sacred bond of sisterhood.

Oh my God!
Omigod you guys!"

Friday, January 26, 2007

hold on hold on

If you've spent any time with me at all in the last month, you've heard me rant about everyone getting engaged and how I'm sick of people asking when I'm getting engaged, etc etc. Honestly, the wedding fever has me a little agitated lately and it probably wouldn't bother me nearly as much as it does if everyone would just quit acting like there's something wrong with me because Daniel and I aren't getting married in the next five minutes.

In any event, wedding mania hit its zenith last night when on Grey's Anatomy, both Burke and George proposed to Christina and Callie (respectively). Seriously? Grey's Anatomy? Is nothing sacred these days?

Read about it here.

quality control

I am in crazy teacher mode these days. I'm totally stressing out about school starting on Monday and, as a gift it would seem, I have a four day weekend to get my crap together (or, as the fabulous Susan Warburton would say "to get all my ducks in a row"). Hallelujah.

Oh, toothpastefordinner....

Yesterday I slept it (glorious!) and after a killer spin class I met up with Annie to check out the duplex that we (hopefully) will be moving into this summer. It was really nice and very exciting and I hope everything works out according to our rather precarious plan.

Then I finished my CTY application, did some more teacher-y things, had dinner with Daniel, did more teacher-y things, watched Grey's, and did even more teacher-y things before going to bed.

Today? Lots of coffee and teacher-y things all day because my mom is coming to visit tomorrow and I'm heading into San Francisco on Sunday with ADX alums to see Legally Blonde: The Musical, the latest lame edition to the 06-07 Best of Broadway season. I don't have high hopes for the show, but I do have high hopes for a fun afternoon with my girls in San Francisco (and H&M, praise the Lord).

I wish I updated more often. I wish I saw my friends more often. I wish grad school didn't suck so much. But! I do really love teaching, so that's a nice bonus.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

homebird sing

This weekend I:

-cleaned my apartment (like, in an overhaul sort of way. It was disgusting)
-learned a lot about Japan
-saw Children of Men and had Thai food with Daniel, Annie, and Colby
-did massive amounts of laundry-wrote syllabi for my classes
-made a lot of worksheets
-drank a lot of coffee
-learned about great sex at church
-watched a long freaking movie
-became so utterly frustrated with my apartment that I hung out at the AGO house (whoah!)

So, lots of exciting stuff, as you can see. This is my last week of prep before second semester begins and I'm freaking out a little. But I'm having lunch with Erica on Tuesday, so that's way exciting.

I miss my mom.

Monday, January 15, 2007

if thats what i takes to sail you home

I spent most of yesterday in traffic school, which was less than fun.

Quote of the week:
(At the MU flagpole on Tuesday)
Bethany: I've been dying to ask why you have to attend traffic school.
Megan: Oh, I got a speeding ticket back in October.
Jaime: For what?
Megan: Um.... for driving over the speed limit.

On Saturday, Bethany and I crashed Informal at Lindy's house to hang out for a few hours (and get free lunch, of course) and then I babysat like, literally, all night long.

I'm glad today is a holiday.

Friday, January 12, 2007

you can try

"Happiness is the result of discovering that you do not have to have what you want" -James Fleibleman

Saturday, January 06, 2007

part of where im going

For my EDU 153 class, I have to write an "I am From" poem (yes, I'm doing my homework even though I skipped the first week of class. I'm a good student...). This is what I came up with:

I am from beauty, rich & rare.

I am from Midwest summers, quilting circles,
Catfish ponds, & the Cherokee Nation;
From Nano’s nursery rhymes, ambrosia salad,
And a grandfather who never remembered my name.

I am from scarred knuckles & serious caffeine addictions,
Mom’s sewing machine & 24lb turkeys,
Private schools, Labrador retrievers, freckles on my nose,
And, above all else, “the family business”.

I am from soccer in the rain, atrocious penmanship,
“Quit calling me Mexican, because I’m not”,
Hand sewn prom dresses, books stacked to the ceiling,
Ski trips, hibiscus, & plumeria.

I am from music, music,
And more music.

I am from shoulder surgeries & shattered dreams;
From discovering life after competitive sports;
From arts education & faith as small as a mustard seed.

I am from yoga in empty theatres, bonfires on the beach,
Youth group on Wednesday, band practice with the guys,
AP English, & bare feet on beaches white.

I am from Shakespeare, Faulkner, & the book of Hebrews;
From London, New York, & Barcelona;
From passionate living & fabulous friends;
From the beautiful Silicon Valley.

I am from learning to love myself; from no regrets;
From “Go big or go home”, adventures, laughter,
Jesus, & sunshine.

There's a format for "I am From" poems, but I didn't use it. If you're interested, you can find it here, but I think it's far more interesting if you rely on your own rhythm to guide your writing. I'll probably use this with my high school students this year. Write your own and share your journey.